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03 March 2009

New Day of March & Suprise on End Feb

March is back...the month of 3 per year...cepat kan masa berlalu...rasa mcm semalam je new year...hmm apa yg menarik yer di bulan March..ada x org buat lagu bulan March..?? hmm yg pasti March ni bulan $$$$$..sbb apa Lu pkir la any plan in my yg pasti aku berikrar pada diri sndiri ku 'Bahawasanya ..saya tidak mahu berbelanja sakan bermula march - july"...Insya Allah ..blh!!!!!! smlm member bg tau ..SOGO sale..JUSCO sale...pap!!!!!..katakan tidak & jangan pergi!!!!!!!!!...mulai sekarang pakai je apa baju yg ada dlm almari ko yg berlambak ....coba..coba kau coba....hehehe

Opss before i miss out...happy belated to beloved end of feb..27/2..she's going 50 by this mum so suprisely..coz she doesnt expect any celebration..(our siblings is not around)..kindly there's nothing juz suprising cake from my sweet!!! dad buy the cake without inform any body..& the words..really means it..( dad is not a romnatic person).."Selamat Hari Lahir Isterik..(hehe..U xder daa)..nothing preparation..its come suddenly..when we out to "Pasar Malam"..went we back..My dad was suprisely the cake..hihihi..actually i've planned with bro & sista to celebrate mum birth by this week..somewhere around juz get a dinner together will all my family..till waiting...

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