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09 July 2008

Apa kes Syira & TJ

Hot Story...mmg gempak..smlm dpt email from TJ..he & syira is over n break off!!!..WHAT ????????? serious aku gigil beb...yerla pasangan yg leh la di label..lovely of the year....ehheeh...aku terus call jan..jan advise me to call norman..i call norman ..OMG he x baca lg mail...apa lg we ignore the email from TJ..mmg tepon aku smlm hot line..i got call from D.Mamat, D.Mary, Farah, usual...we open the conference in story frm the oven..i saw syerol, melor, bai, dmamat , dmery, ogy, aida was in YM...uhhhhh..i dun want to comment anything..but what can i say...aku harap syira n tj amik masa utk settle the probelm between them...kita friends hanya leh bg advise...yg buat keputusan they rasional, profesional, ..syira...dun cry dear..we always be with u...cheers...


Syira said...

Whatever happen my friends..
i'm still your Syira!!

thanks for your support!!
i love u..!!

koboi80an said...

nasihat aku kpd kengkwn...don't judge them base on what we have heard..esp when it just come from 1side.. we don't really knows what was actually happen.. diri kita sendiri pn byk lg yg nak kene betulkan... papahal pn everything dah ok n we hope for the best for them.. semoga berjaya menempuh dugaan yg mendatang..