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15 August 2008


I'm frustated what happen in my relationship now...whats wrong with me?? if anything please tell a spoken person i can admit everything that everyone says...apa yg x kena akan cuba di baiki bukan dgn cara berdiam diri..dh mmg my way to be honest in relationship...please please under stand me...u need me to understand u but what about heart.. my feelings??? i didnt to made u every day, everytime, every moment always closer with me...but give sometimes or space that we can meet to tlak each other from heart to heart...really i need some space to thinking about us n please please leave me alone...give me sometimes....

1 comment:

MaRyD said...

sabar la babe...ade hikmah sume ni k...insyallah.ape pun im always here to share everything wth u..muahh